KES (Edson)

Kopar Employment Services

Working with the Government of Alberta and Alberta Human Services, Kopar Administration is proud to offer an employment program in Edson, AB.

To qualify for our program an individual must be 18 years and over, working less than 20 hours per week, an Alberta resident, unemployed or underemployed. The job coach will determined if the individual is ready, willing, and able to access employment services. Kopar staff will work with the individual to meet their needs. Services will be provided one-on-one, in a workshop formation, or a combination of both.

A variety of workshops are offered to teach an individual how to become self-sufficient for future job search. Our workshops include but aren’t limited to; Resume Development, Cover Letter, Employer Expectations, Interview Preparation, and Communication Skills. Once deemed ready, willing, and able; they can then attend the weekly Job Find Club to access hot job leads, network with others, share experiences, job opportunities and explore other related topics.

There is no cost to any job seeker to be a part of our program; you must simply qualify for the program, have the desire to work, and the need for additional assistance to achieve your employment goals.

If you are an employer in Edson needing to hire, look no further! Kopar staff carefully works alongside job-seekers, so when you need an employee, we can help you find the individual who best meets your requirements and qualifications. Simply get in touch with one of our friendly employment coaches and tell them about your company and the position, or positions, you wish to hire for. We will utilize our client list to find the best matches for you and your company and post the job for our clients to view.

We at Kopar do not see any reason for a job posting to go unfulfilled, but we also promise not to waste your valuable time with unqualified or underqualified individuals who do not meet your company standards. Our services are offered free of charge.


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