KEAP (Edson)

Kopar Employ Ability Program

With funding from the Government of Alberta, Kopar is proud to offer a free employment program intended to aid those with a disability in their employment search.

Our goal is to provide holistic, comprehensive and individualized services to persons with a disability, to help them acquire and maintain meaningful employment.

To qualify for this program the individual must be 16 years and over, an Alberta resident and be able to work a minimum of 15 hours per week. Eligible individuals will also lack employability related skills and/or experience.

If you are an employer in Edson looking to hire someone for 15 hours a week (or more), please give us a call at Kopar Administration! Our staff are working hard to prepare all clients for the workforce and we will do our best to recommend someone we think would be a great fit for your position. Simply get in touch with one of our friendly employment coaches and tell them about your company and the position, or positions, you wish to hire for. We will utilize our client list to find the best matches for you and your company and post the job for our clients to view.

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