About Us

Kopar Administration Ltd. was created in 1997. Since that time we have provided many employment related services to numerous communities throughout the BC Interior and Alberta.

Kopar has literally touched and influenced thousands of people in their search to move forward, be that through training opportunities, employment or other community involvement.

Being headquartered in BC's "Northern" Capital, Prince George, has helped Kopar maintain its rural focus on services for the communities it serves and not bringing "big city" solutions to "small" town issues. We understand that the issues facing people living in the interior and the north are different than those facing people in the larger centres. Kopar prides itself on the fact our staff are your neighbours and are working in their own communities right alongside the people we assist.

It's just one more way we work to put communities to work.


These links will take you to the webpages of some of the people, companies and organizations with whom Kopar does business with and finds very helpful.